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Friday Aug 11 2017

Today was our longest riding day of the week. For myself it was a personal best ride of 170km. We started the day earlier by 30min, 6:45 I was on the road. We had a long way to go with lots of little hills along the way. Checkpoint by checkpoint, 6 in total, we made our way. Lots of zig zagging to avoid any busy roads. Every checkpoint we stopped and refueled with food and water. There would be no hosted lunch stops this day. Finally we arrived at the Frontenac Communtiy Arena, where i would spend the night on the floor of the arena, Good thing i did, as we had 2 large thunderstorms roll through at 10:30pm and 3:30am.All in all it was good long day.

Thursday Aug 10 2017

I have new found respect for my second chain ring, what is a chain ring you may ask. Well the place where you put your feet on the pedals and push is attached to a chain ring, basically a fixed wheel of teeth that your bike chain hangs on and drives the rear cassette on the back wheel. Most people use the large ring as it give you the most speed. The smaller chain ring may seldom get used if at all. Which is a real shame cause the use of both chain rings can greatly improve ones ability to attack and overcome the hills that come our way. I had a more experienced cyclist teach me the importance of using the smaller ring. Which when cycling today I was able to climb hills much better then previous days. By using the all the tools available to me not only was i able to conserve energy but i was letting the bike do the work, which i will admit i wasn't always doing. Today we cycle 133klm of pretty hilly terrain, Friday will be just as hilly, but with new found knowledge hopefully I will get through it.


Wednesday Aug 9 2017

Today was much smoother getting the tent and gear stowed before breakfast. I was ready and on the road by 7:15. It was overcast for the first few hours with a bit of rain falling by the time we reached Meaford.
After the first rest stop we were on our to Collingwood where we were hosted by the Collingwood CRC for the 2nd rest stop. The sun came out to stay from that point on, we navigated to Wasaga Beach and had lunch at the Faith Missionary Church, it was delicious lunch. We cycled past Mount St Louis/Moonstone and crossed over the 400. 2 more rest stops and we made it to Orillia Christian School where we will stay overnight. The Orillia CRC hosted our dinner and shuttled us to peoples homes where we could shower after a good day of riding. A hair dresser offered to do haircuts for the riders who have been riding since June 26, she cut hair for 5 hours. Special thanks to everyone in Orillia for your hospitality. Thursday we ride on to Peterborough.

Tuesday Aug 8 2017

Being the new guy is not the easiest way to join a group. New routines, new face to remember, new expectations. THis being the first full day on the tour was not an easy day. getting stuff organize and in place at the right time was a challenge as i was the last person to get my bag on the trucks. To be fair i still needed to register and get my official stuff to be a registered rider. So a rough start to begin. Pedaling the bike went ok GPS was on track had no problem getting to Wiarton. Leaving Wiarton was another story, the map i had down loaded was not up to date a being in the rush this morning I left my paper copy in my bag. So I ended up off course and went a i different route. I ended up missing 2 checkpoints and people were looking for me. Of course the phone was on silent so I couldn't hear the calls coming in of the people looking for me. I ended up in the right place eventually, and everything turned out OK. Unfortunately I did raise some concern for the organizers, but on the bright side you can see how concerned people are for our well being. Lets hope Wednesday goes a little smoother,


Monday Aug 7, 2016

Met the CheCheMon in Tobermory as the Sea to Sea group arrived. Rode the short distance from the dock to the Camp ground. Family brought my gear, and gut the tent setup and gear stowed. Will have a orientation session with the rest of the riders who joined today.


Thank you for visiting. I've been an avid cyclist for a long time, the past 9 years I have put my bike to good use raising over $15000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

I am riding the Ontario leg of the Sea to Sea from Tobermory to Ottawa roughly 850km, Aug 6-12, 2017.

The issue of poverty is not unique to our age or generation. How do we respond to needs of those around us who are struggling? What can we do and how we can help the people in our communities?

We can bring hope where there is none. By supporting this ride, the money raised for the partner agencies and local communities, can go along way to help those in need and bring hope that tomorrow will be be a better day.

Together we can make a difference!





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