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Why am I riding? To be part of the journey of breaking the cycle of poverty, one person; one family; one community at a time. This starts right in my hometown of Simcoe, ON to people and places all over the planet where World Renew + Partners worldwide make a difference.

For me personally, this will be a real challenge to be vocal about a cause and to share Jesus with whomever. Cycling is a passion of mine and I'm excited to be a part of something this big that incorporates my faith as a part of the journey. I'll appreciate all the support you can give both spiritually and financially to this cause!

Together we can make a difference!

Blessings, Ted



raised of $20,000 goal

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1. MBMeagen B Ballard
2. PBPaul Berkel
3. ?Anonymous
Blessing, Ted, as you experience the Dominion of Canada from coast to coast in the name of Christ who has dominion.
4. DBDarrell Bierman
Hi Ted, great to meet you today! Keep that same passion - and you'll be a bright light for Jesus all the way across this great nation :-)
5. CBCarolyn Berkel
6. RRob and Bettie Kloet
Thanks for cycling the C2C Ted and raising funds to fight poverty! Enjoy every Km of the ride and be sure to cycle slow and enjoy the scenery and the great people you meet on the way and get to cycle with! Rob and Bettie