Riding for World Renew, July 2 - July 16, 2017

Ryan Geleynse

Why are you riding?

This is the initial question with which we begin our fundraising journey for the Sea to Sea bike ride.

Too often I realize my failure to answer a lot of why questions. Why do I work for World Renew? Why do I believe in what we do? Why do I avoid the drive thru at Tim Hortons? These questions all have pragmatic answers (re: Timmies: going inside almost always saves you time) and my hunch is that we too often settle for these answers. The irony is that the pragmatic answers often neglect some of the true sweat and tears necessary to arrive at deeper, foundational answers.

By signing up to ride, I have agreed to pedal roughly 1300 kilometers from Vernon, B.C to Regina, Saskatchewan. I agreed, by extension, to do the necessary training required for a journey like this. I agreed, by necessity, to dawn spandex for purposes most seasoned riders could explain in much better detail. But these answers actually fail to get at the heart of why I’m riding.

So, why am I riding?

I have been working at World Renew for almost two and half years. World Renew works in communities across the world, in some of the most impoverished areas imaginable. We work through local partners, which mean that those who best know their community’s needs are being empowered to build hope. Let me break down what this looks like in different areas:
- In Kenya, our field staff trains people how to preserve their crops from drought.
- In Honduras, classes are held where women are educated on their rights.
- In Tanzania, we work with local farmers to get titles for their land; ensuring governments cannot rob them of what they own.
- In Nepal, we rebuild homes alongside those who have lost everything in a flood or earthquake.

I want to ride because I want to support these kinds of transformations. Funds raised from the Sea to Sea ride will support the continued pursuit of justice that World Renew has been involved in for over 50 years.

Understanding the reason behind a why question changes everything. I understand that we are often inundated with calls to address poverty in one form or another. Between my involvement in my local church and community, my work at World Renew or school, even perusing my social media feeds, I’ve found that even I can become numb to the pain evident in the world. Taking a moment to stop and answer a few questions about why I feel compelled to extend Christ’s compassion often brings clarity through the noise.

I want to take action. I want to help raise funds to support the continued work of World Renew.

So I’m going to ride a bike.


raised of $6,000 goal

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