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Nancy Nieuwenhuis

Thank you for visiting my seatosea webpage. My love of biking, camping and raising money for people in need all intersect with this mission. Some of us aren't cut out to be (country of your choice) missionaries but, we can participate in the Godly work they do. Thank you for your donations and prayers. In Christ alone - Nancy


raised of $4,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Nancy Nieuwenhuis
Money collected from jam and jelly fundraiser.
2. MPMarie A. Patterson
Congratulations on meeting your goal, Nancy! Love, The Patterson's
3. MMark & Linda E
Very awesome that you are able to do it. We pray for safety and God's blessing. Mark & Linda
4. MBMary E Banker
Best of luck on this year's trek in MN, MI, WI and Canada!
5. GNGarret Nieuwenhuis
Nancy: We are very proud of your accomplishments and your enthusiasm for the mission of Sea to Sea! Mom & Dad
6. BMBethanne McLean
Hope you have a great and safe ride, Nancy!