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Nelly Lof

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me. I have always enjoyed the great outdoors and riding my bike. Four years ago, through cycling, I overcame a serious injury and since then I have enjoyed it at a whole new level. This is my second Sea to Sea adventure. On August 13 I will be cycling from Ottawa,Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sea to Sea's goal is to fight poverty through fundraising and awareness. Funds raised will go towards World Renew worldrenew.net and Partners Worldwide partnersworldwide.org. I am very grateful that I can give back by using this opportunity to raise awareness and money for those living in poverty. My costs for this ride will be covered so all your donations will go towards fighting this cause. Please consider donating, I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! - Nelly


raised of $6,000 goal

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1. JCJoe Croce
Way to go Nelly! Have fun and ride safe. Love, Antoinette
2. JDJasbir Dhinsa
3. GG.Vanderperk
Enjoy the ride!
4. GKGrace Kennedy
5. AAAnja Attema
Enjoy the ride Nelly!
6. TLTracy Lys
You amaze me everyday after what you went thru 5 yrs ago and now your doing things like this. Good luck and enjoy the experience!!