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Kelly L Vander Pol

Hey guys! I'm pumped! Who knew that Sea to Sea 2017 is having virtual riders?! How cool! So, I'm challenging myself to join the Sea to Sea cyclists in raising awareness and funds to move people out of poverty!

The mission of Sea to Sea is to move people out of the trap of poverty into lives of dignity by education, call to action, and assisting other organizations in fighting poverty.

Sea to Sea is partnering with World Renew and Partners WorldWide to provide education, advocacy, and empowerment to people living in poverty around the world, with the goal of developing self-sufficient communities.

While the entire Sea to Sea bike ride spans the width of North America (how sweet is that?!), my bike ride will span my little northwest Iowa community! I am committed to biking two hours every day. I humbly
ask for your support in my effort to fundraise for Sea to Sea.

Stay tuned!!



raised of $1,000 goal

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