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Thank you for visiting. I am so excited to begin this adventure, and I appreciate all the support I can get. Together we can make a difference!

Poverty is a real, immediate problem. 800 million people live in extreme poverty in the world today and nearly half of the world is living on less than $2.50 per day. Sea to Sea is a response to global poverty—we can and should be working toward solutions. So we cycle.

How we fight poverty: Sea to Sea supports the co-hosts, Partners Worldwide and World Renew, in their efforts to fight poverty around the world.

Partners Worldwide is a global Christian network that uses business as the way to end poverty. We partner with local businesses and businesspeople around the world to use four methods–mentoring, training, access to capital, and advocacy–with the mission of ending poverty.

World Renew envisions a world where people experience and extend Christ’s compassion and live together in hope as God’s community. Through microloans, community development, and savings groups, World Renew is equipping people struggling with poverty to change their stories so that more communities can achieve enough food, good health, fruitful work, and greater peace and justice.


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