You, Me, and my Bike vs. Poverty

Caleb Jonker

Hey, I'm trying to end poverty. Why? Because poverty is the worst. But I can't do it alone, so I need your help, you can sponsor my ride and help make a difference through Partners Worldwide and World Renew!


raised of $12,000 goal

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You got it, Caleb! Enjoy the ride and the experience!
2. JJoal and Karen Ham
Best Wishes Caleb! You are such an outstanding young man! May God bless you richly on this trip!
3. RSRick Schmitt
4. UU Bry and A Sandie
Will be praying for you all along the way! Can't wait to see how God uses you and speaks to you on this journey Caleb! Blessings on your trip!
5. JKJillinda Kidwell
Good luck Caleb. Enjoy your adventure.
6. DDeBoer Family
Go Caleb! We will be praying for your trip and trust that the LORD will bless and protect your adventure.