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Brian Bolkema

Thanks for visiting! I'm excited about the opportunity to ride from Vancouver to Calgary with Sea to Sea. The money I raise will be used to help people in need nearby and far away. Thanks so much for your support! - Brian

PS--the picture is a biking/walking bridge across the floodway in Winnipeg, MB near Birds Hill Provincial Park.



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1. KEKendall Everett
Go get 'em tiger!
2. EVElizabeth VanLenten
3. RBRosemarie Beraro
Wishing you great success in your journey Brian. God's speed and please say a prayer for me when you go through Salmon Arm.
4. RMRaymond Martin
We will be praying for you!
5. HHarlan Bolkema
May God bless and keep you safe as you seek to serve others in your endeavor! We love you! Mom and Dad
6. FEFrederick Everett
Ruth and me will be praying for a safe trip and one where you will be blessed in the relationships you form and the experiences you encounter. So glad you are doing this and we will be able follow your journey. Blessing God's kingdom! Do it man!
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