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Betty Adam

I am super excited to have registered for this epic cycling adventure for a cause. This ride enables me to combine my passion for cycling with my passion for mission work. The funds raised will go to alleviate worldwide poverty through World Renew and Partners Worldwide.

I know the ride will be difficult in many aspects, but how can we who live in situations of plenty not do what we can to help those in need around the world?

I have cycled cross continent before so I know what I am signing up for, but it will be an incredible journey in every way. Praise God for what He will do through this ride, not only for the recipients of the donor monies, but for us, the community of cyclists and support people who will wind our way across the great country of Canada this summer!

Will you please partner with me by donating? betty adam from Sherwood Park, Alberta.

I plan to blog regularly throughout the trip at: grandmabets.blogspot.ca


raised of $15,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. RVRien Visscher
Hope you can forgive me :-)
2. eelizabeth adam
3. DGDwayne & Dawn Gibbs
4. IPIris Perry
This is a tough ride, and especially so to go the entire distance. You are an awesome lady! Many blessings.
5. JGJean Gaston
6. SSharon
Way to go, Betty! One pedal stroke at a time! I'm impressed that you have time and energy to share your photos every day. They bring back memories of our epic 2006 ride. The flat lands in my memory were some of the hardest miles to cover. Be encouraged - Keep pressing on! Sharon