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Wayne Hingston

As a teacher, adult Literacy instructor, and social advocate, I work hard to raise everyone's standard of living. I rode with Sea to Sea in 2013, from LA to NYC. I will ride Vancouver to Halifax to support this great cause. Please help me with donations and encouragement. Thank you for visiting my site. Wayne, Ajax, Ontario, Canada.


raised of $12,000 goal

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1. KCKathryn Clifford
Have a great time!
2. ?Anonymous
Congratulations on your "retirement" and your incredible dedication to raise money to help reduce poverty.
3. LBLaura Brandt
Hi Wayne, good luck out there this year. Wish I could join you again, loved getting to know you in 2013 and hope you can find other young minds to inspire. Hope all is well. - Laura Brandt (Senefeld) S2S 2013.
4. MBMurray Biel
5. ?Anonymous
The cause is great, as is the effort! Good cycling!
6. TTalia
I believe in you, and eliminating poverty.