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1. HHelen and Mike
Way to go Jack. Quite the charitable achievement, and getting across Canada was no slouch either
2. CHChristine Hubbard
You are a great example of strength, encouragement and charity Jack. We are so honored to be considered your friends. You both have a great return trip home.
3. DWDavid Wiesinger
Hi Jack. You did it.! Thank you for the up-dates along the way. Big Time Congratulations. I new you would do it! When you 1st shared the Vision.
4. ?Anonymous
From your friends at lunch at the Carr's oyster bar in PEI. Ride safe.
5. MOMarion Oudman
6. JOJack Oudman
Greetings from cousin Jack. I have been following your ride and truly am impressed by you and all the other bikers. I am wishing you God's blessing as you strive to finish the ride.