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Reuben Bestman

Thank you for visiting! I have followed Sea to Sea since its inaugural ride in 2005 and participated in the West Leg of 2015. I'm making the commitment to cycle the full route of 2017. God Bless, and thanks for viewing!
I'm writing a blog to keep my thoughts together and share my adventure you can find it here. https://bestmanseatosea.wordpress.com/
- Reuben



raised of $15,000 goal

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1. ?Anonymous
So great we were able to sell biking shirts and raise money at the same time. What a good idea.
2. ?Anonymous
This is the last of the customer donation box money. It was a good way to raise awareness and collect money. Congrats again on a good ride.
3. MMike DeVries
Amazing achievement, Reuben! And huge sacrifice to make it happen too! Congrats.
4. LBLynn Buchanan
Way to go Reuben!!!
5. ?Anonymous
From the bakery customers!
6. C Cybertech Automation Inc