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Reuben Bestman

Thank you for visiting! I have followed Sea to Sea since its inaugural ride in 2005 and participated in the West Leg of 2015. I'm making the commitment to cycle the full route of 2017. God Bless, and thanks for viewing!
I'm writing a blog to keep my thoughts together and share my adventure you can find it here. https://bestmanseatosea.wordpress.com/
- Reuben



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1. JLJohanne Larivee
We're so proud of you, Reuben. Good Job!!!
Great cause, awesome and daunting sounding ride. Have fun
3. HBHank Bestman
Good cause, good son, good bike! Glad to support you!
4. GVGordon VanderLeek
5. DODr. Brian Olson
6. ?Anonymous
Great job committing to this Reuben! Keep up the training!