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Patrick Mc Namara

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Patrick


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1. TWTom Wai-Shek
2. EWErin Wujciak
Congratulations on a life long dream come true !! We are so proud and in awe of your accomplishment !! May the road rise to meet you,may the wind always be at your back, Love, The Wujciak's
3. JHJohn Hanson
Pat, John's been covering you at work until 6 or 7 pm every night!! May the wind always be at you back! Have a great ride! John & Dena Hanson
4. AGAlan Guenzel
Way to go Paddie Mac. God bless and God speed. Best, Alan Guenzel
5. TWTom Wai-Shek
Patrick, I'm proud of you! safe ride, glorious finish.
6. RARalph Avallone
Ride Hard Patty.....Enjoy the trip