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Marja Slofstra

Thank you for visiting. This cause, ending the cycle of poverty, is very dear to Peter and me, and we appreciate all the support we can get!

Both of us are cycling on our tandem bicycle, Big Blue. Peter will also be serving as one of the chaplains. As a cyclist, I hope to raise $12,000. Since Peter is also cycling the whole distance he hopes to also raise $12,000 for a team fundraising goal of $24,000. Like the tour, this amount is a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal), but with the Lord and you, we believe that we can reach our fundraising goal and go the whole distance. Imagine all the people who will be helped not with a hand out but with a hand up!

Although you have found me on the list of individual cyclists, together we are also on the Team List. You can donate here or find us on the list of teams and donate there while seeing how our fundraising is progressing as a couple.

Your support and prayers are a huge encouragement to both of us as we help World Renew and Partners Worlwide raise the necessary money to fight poverty. Thank you so much! - Marja


raised of $24,000 goal

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1. TDTena Dykxhoorn
God bless you and keep you safe
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Peter and Marja - Enjoy the ride! Nick Overduin/Nandy Heule
3. TTheo and Alma
God keep you safe Peter and Marja as you undertake this wonderful adventure again!
4. HHen and Hen
Supporting you both...go all the way!
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6. RPRobert Pijper
God bless you and Peter as you prepare for this great adventure for a wonderful cause.
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Team Peter and Marja Slofstra