My decision to ride Sea to Sea in 2017

Jasper Hoogendam

In 2013 I had the privilege to ride for 2 weeks with Sea to Sea. At that time I covered about 20% of the 1400 km by unicycle. I wanted to give some visibility to those who live in poverty due to hidden disabilities. I joined the ranks of those living with hidden disabilities. I am learning to live with an acquired brain injury for the past 2 years. My goal is to complete the whole ride or as much as I can each day and do my part to help others. No unicycle riding for me this time. Blessings - Jasper

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1. ?Anonymous
2. LLesley/Ray Carberry/Marnoch
Thank you for undertaking this amazing journey for such a good cause.
3. JPJames Poelman
Hi Jasper (and Jane), Wishing you well as you continue to move east. May this be another week of being amazed in wonder and thanksgiving by God's creative work.
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5. JJack and Barb VanderMeulen
Safe travels Jasper.
6. JJim & Brenda Kloostra
Wishing you a successful ride Jasper, safe travels!!