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Thank you for visiting my page, and considering to donate toward this cause! Sea to sea is a bicycling mission fighting poverty through fundraising and awareness. Riders from around the world cycle across North America advocating for hope in the face of the poverty cycle. This year, Sea to Sea is partnering with World Renew and Partners Worldwide.

It will be a big ride, for an even bigger cause! Thank you for partnering with me as I prepare to ride!


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1. MWMarjan Wikkerink
Enjoy your ride Elyssa and Ashley, what a great adventure for such a great cause! We'll be thinking of you.
2. CBChristina Berends
3. GBGeorge Berends
Have a great Trip, Elyssa and Ashley Love from Grandpa and Grandma Berends
4. Ashley Patton
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Team Ashley & Elyssa