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Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Ally

Cycling 7000km seems impossible, raising $12,000 seems impossible, and riding to END poverty seems impossible. I believe in a world of impossible to POSSIBLE and It can only happen with all of us working together, giving, sharing, celebrating. Living connected and together we all cycle together for all, with all. Lets go....

Here is a little bit on me and our ride together:

Allyson (Ally) Johnson is multi-dimensional practitioner in natural medicine, as a clinical nutritionist with an Ayurveda and Chinese medicine background and a western herbalist, and personal training foundation. This woman lives the life she practices. With a 22 year, clinical practice, and educational training and public speaking career both in North America and Europe. In addition, Allyson, has spent a life living it. All of which may very well have end at the age of 16, when Ally riding her bike was hit by a car. Much changed her promising athletic career, her educational path, and even her life trajectory. To land her in a health food store, and using natural medicine to build back her broken body, and spirit.

25 years later, a body that has taken her to some of the highest mountains in the world Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Kinabalu to name a few, dozens of marathons, 4 Ironmans, 5 Ultra marathons and 2 back to back multi – day 300km plus trail running stage races across high mountain terrain, and several countries. Presently and 3 x previous she has represented Canada as a world age group triathlete, and will be participating at the World Multi sport championships this Summer. All this from a young women that was told she would not walk again. Asked why her passion is so great for health and fitness, for natural medicine and living fully it all comes down to the fact that she knows what is like to have it taken away and the power of the nature and our bodies to heal.

Gratitude to this fact and a sense beyond herself that we are all connected in this world. Allyson has focused her career and athletics on supporting others. Spending time in Canada, Africa, Asia, and South America on various projects to both learning from the locals and supporting them in food, water safety, health, housing, and economics and business.

Ally’s latest endeavor takes on all these elements, As the sports ambassador to Friends to Mankind and a as a registered rider for Sea to Sea Cycle to End Poverty, she has committed to ride over 7000km across Canada. Starting in Victoria BC on June 24th and continuing to Cape Spear Newfoundland August 30th. A 108-day odyssey to bring awareness and raising a committed $12,000 for various partners in Sea to Sea to support those living in poverty. The Sea to Sea partners focus on helping give people a hand up through microfinancing, training, community building and resource access. Allowing those to rise through the gap of poverty from what is to what can be.

Allyson will also be doing health education seminars sharing her knowledge about key health topics including inflammation and energy and will be visiting, working, and bringing highlight to organizations working with poverty across Canada. Holding the message of Friends to Mankind “Do what you can where you are at”.

Photo by Ryan McLeod.

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This is an amazing efffort!! Keep up all the good work you do!
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Ending porverty for all of us, is ending it with the ones who face it .
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Way to go Ally!! Good Luck!!!
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